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The Process

I make handcrafted silver jewelry using 925 and fine silver. I mostly work with one of a kind vintage stones. No two items that I make are the same. 


The inspiration for my craft stems from many years spent in the California desert and the rugged West,

Nashville, Tennessee and the influences from country music and currently, from Portland, Oregon.

My new home and a place so deeply rooted in nature. 

I meticulously melt down 925 silver, each piece finely crafted. I spend most of my days, bending, hammering, and molding my ideas into existence.


Made slow with love and high heat. 

About Our Leather


Coco here. It’s nice to see ya ❤️

Over the last decade I've been traveling around selling vintage & jewelry. Over time I’ve collected such beautiful silver pieces and always felt inspired to design and make my own. I decided to teach myself how to metalsmith and quickly discovered that it was my passion. 

Once I started working with metal, my passion began to grow, and I discovered that my great grandfather was a master Blacksmith in Brazil. I guess it runs in our blood. I’m endlessly inspired by stones and love hand-selecting the most beautiful ones to work with. Each piece is hand-made with love here in Portland, Oregon. 

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